Welcome... My name is Munir Shivji and I have been nominated for an American Montessori Society Board Member position.

Being a second generation Montessorian, I had the luxury of having a Montessori way of life from birth. Growing up, my family's decades of service to humanity, including establishing Montessori programs for some of the poorest in the world, brought a focus on service in my life – this is why I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve AMS.

As a minority, former Head of School for 10 years and founder of the new Institute of Montessori Education, I represent the cultural diversity and the new generation of leaders in the Montessori community.

I have served as a Board member on a number of Foundations, developed projects to advocate Montessori education and been interviewed as a local expert on major news channels and radio stations in Houston. Such projects include Celebration of the Century - 100 Years of Maria Montessori, an initiative I voluntarily directed and which raised over $200,000 for at-risk children.

My life’s passion is to use Montessori as a vehicle to bring about positive change in the world.I am in a position to dedicate my time, knowledge as well as institutional resources to AMS and its members, like you.

I humbly request you to participate in the election and vote for me, so I may serve you. Please remember that ballots must be postmarked by December 18th!

As a Board Member
  • I will bring about greater visibility for AMS and Montessori through creative marketing;
  • increase impact through effective public relations;
  • explore new avenues of resource development for Montessori education and research;
  • as well as broaden the Montessori base through outreach initiatives.
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If you are a member of AMS, your ballot should already have arrived in your mailbox. If it did not, contact the American Montessori Society: 212.358.1250. The last day to cast your ballot is December 18.